The University of Iowa

Society for Clinical Trials Participation

  • Invited Session: "Adaptive Timing of Interim Analysis for Primary Efficacy Outcome" presented by Christopher Coffey of the CTSDMC, in collaboration with Caitlyn Meinzer, Yuko Palesch, Wenle Zhao and Michael Hill.
  • Invited Session: "Keeping your Eye on the Endpoints: Study Closeout Starts from the Beginning" presented by Dixie Ecklund, Eric Foster, Trevis Huff and Julie Qidwai of the CTSDMC, in collaboration with Catherine Dillon and Marianne Kearney Chase.
  • Invited Session: "Design of an Adaptive Trial of Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Refractory Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (EROCA)" presented by Dixie Ecklund of the CTSDMC, in collaboration with Roger Lewis, Will Meurer, Juliana Tolles and Leslie McClure.
  • Poster Session: "The National Institute of Neurology Disorders and Stroke Clinical Trials Methodology Course: Outcomes of Trainees after Three Years" presented by Nicholas Seedorff of the CTSDMC.