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1st Annual CTSDMC Staff "All-In" Day

November 15th, 2022 we held our first annual CTSDMC "All-In" Meeting day.  Celebrating our center's expansion over the past year, several newly-hired, fully remote staff members traveled from across the country to join local team members to acknowledge a remarkable year of collective successes.

Highlights of our meeting included a State of the CTSDMC interactive presentation by Chris Coffey, a chilly campus tour, playful and planful team building activities, and a Department-wide reception with Biostatistics faculty, staff and students. 

Setting our sights on center goals for the new year, we wrapped up the day with a festive group dinner, celebrating our center's growth and exceptional accomplishments in 2022.



Front Row: (Left to Right) Trevis Huff, Christopher Coffey, Dixie Ecklund, Emine Bayman, Maggie Spencer, Janel Fedler, Jim Powers, Joe Cavanaugh

2nd Row: (Left to Right) Maxine Koepp, Candy Wilson, Michele Costigan, Holly Ernst, Leigh Nadel, Chelsea Caspell-Garcia, Ryan Kurth, Anna Gudjonsdottir, Azadeh Khoddami, Ann Weber, Margaret Evans

3rd Row: (Left to Right) Michael Brumm, David-Erick Lafontant, Tina Neill-Hudson, Brenda Pearson, Elizabeth Klingner, Leah Meinel, Kortney Barrett, Jie Yin, Caroline Gochanour, Megan McCabe, Charlie Choi, Jun Xiang

Back Row: (Left to Right) Aaron Gregg, George Nye, Corey Moon, Zack Lemka, Matt Fisher, Ben Kyllingstad, Shannon Carrillo, Yi Fang

(Center staff not pictured: Elizabeth Cozzie & EJ Waddle)

CTSDMC Leadership Team

Biostatistics Team

Data Management Team

IT Team

Protocol Coordination Team

Research Support Team

A2CPS Team


NeuroNext Team