The University of Iowa

CTSDMC at Society for Clinical Trials Annual Meeting

CTSDMC staff were in attendance at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) this week. The meeting - hosted in New Orleans, LA, May 19-22, 2019 - featured two invited sessions and one contributed session by CTSDMC personnel:

  • "Switching Boats Mid-Stream: Maintaining Continuity in a Large Clinical Trials Network in the Face of Change" by Chris Coffey, Angela Molloy, Dixie Ecklund, Jeri Sieren, Julie Qidwai, Krista Valladares and Marianne Kearney Chase (Invited Session)
  • "Preparing and Submitting Data to Open and Limited-Access Repositories" by Janel Barnes, Sharon Yeatts, Chris Coffey and Carolina Mendoza-Puccini (Invited Session)
  • "The NeuroNEXT Model: Efficiencies Gained by Deploying an Embedded Research Administrator" by Krista Valladares and Maggie Spencer